October 22, 2020

Another delay

Once again I have to ask for your patience. Unfortunately I caught a nasty cough (not Covid, don't worry!) and simply haven't been able to record the opening and closing bits for the next episode. Additionally my 10-year-old Macbook has reached the end of its lifetime, so I'm currently having to set up a whole new Linux laptop. I am so very sorry to continue being so flaky - this is most definitely not my year...

A couple of days late, but here I am with another offering from the MCU – in another lengthy episode Gen and I talk about yet another Steve ship, because Steve apparently goes with everyone. ;) This one’s special, though, having the distinct honour of a) being canon and b) containing the amazing and wonderful Peggy Carter.  

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October 7, 2020

Posting delay

My dear sailors, unfortunately I was ill all of last week, and this week's been pretty busy so far. I hope to be able to edit and share the next episode this weekend. Thanks for your patience!

Back from my summer hiatus, this is a whopper of an episode - not just a crash course in the D&D podcast Critical Role and its canon femslash couple but also a fun conversation about everything from fandom to cosplay to queerness.

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August 12, 2020

Hiatus 2020 Check-in

Just checking in from my summer hiatus, which will last a bit longer than originally planned.

Who would have thought there’s so much to talk about a ship originating in an 19th century novel… But Perlog Annwyl and I sure have a lot to talk about, making this a nice long episode for you to dig your teeth into before my summer break.

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Sometimes we latch onto ships that might at first glance seem far-fetched, just because we feel that these two characters would somehow click and make a good couple. That’s what happened to Rachel with Winn and Brainy - and when they finally met in Supergirl canon, it turned out the chemistry was undeniable. :)

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A multi-fandom podcast for the shipper in you.

In many places, restrictions are being lifted, but we’re all still a long way from normal. So maybe you won’t mind that this week’s episode turned out a bit longer and ramblier than normal, because as it turns out, Derek pretty much discovered fandom while preparing to talk about the canon ship of Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell from Full Metal Alchemist. We had a blast chatting not just about EdWin but also many other shiny things. :)

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I hope this episode finds you healthy and safe, wherever you are, whatever restrictions you might be living under.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have found refuge in fandom. Personally, I also find the structures and guaranteed outcomes of mystery shows soothing, so today’s episode is pretty perfect, as Athena​ and I visit the crime procedural Bones, which ran from 2005 to 2017, and its ultimate ‘opposites attract’ ship.

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In turbulent times like these, fandom can prove a wonderful distraction and escape. Therefore I’m releasing my three Patreon specials for all my listeners in between the regular scheduled episodes. This is the third and last one - a round table chat with previous interview partners Mia, Nich, Kimmy and Phoe about the special hell - or special pleasure? - of rare pair shipping. Enjoy!

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