A multi-fandom podcast for the shipper in you.

We stay in anime/manga territory as I learn that "Kyouhaba is good!", to paraphrase my interview partner Honey, whose enthusiasm for this ship is absolutely infectious. We also detour a little, talking about fandom as a place of community and incredibly creativity.

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A multi-fandom podcast for the shipper in you. Show notes on shippingcast.fandomish.net.

Episode 6 goes into unknown-to-me manga/anime territory. Luckily Mel is more than happy not only to introduce me to the BakuDeku ship, but also to dive deeply into these two different characters and how their relationship develops and changes over time.


In this episode, Alison (aka kunfyouzed) has to introduce me to the pairing of Dick Grayson and Jason Todd as we explore the DC multiverse and talk about how this ship works in any world.

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With Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series we’re covering our first predominantly book-based fandom, and Takaraphoenix has to give me a newbie’s guide to the Percy-Nico ship and fandom. Luckily she’s the exactly right person to ask, having created something like 250 fanworks for the ship alone.

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A fortnightly multi-fandom podcast for the shipper in you.

The topic of this episode is the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the ship of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.

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A multi-fandom podcast for the shipper in you. Episode 2 features the fascinating, timey-whimey relationship between The Doctor and River Song, as Mia and myself dive into everything we love about this pairing.

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In this pilot episode, I chat with my friend Danae about our common OTP, Jace and Alec from Shadowhunters. We talk about finding community online, what it’s like to ship a non-canon pairing and the difference between canon and fanon.

A list of the works we mention can be found in the show notes on Tumblr.

October 22, 2018


Hopefully coming soon to a podcast app of your choice: Fans talking about their ships, why they ship them and which fanworks might make YOU ship them, too!

Planned is a chain of fannish interviews - zero judgement, 100% squee, moderated by Shirasade.